Top 10 Poor Etiquette Things People Do When Flying –

Top 10 Poor Etiquette Things People Do When Flying

Some people know how to follow the rules while traveling, and others don’t.  This is a list of the top 10 poor etiquette things that people do while flying.  How many of these have you encountered?

  1. Changing the baby’s diaper in the middle seat of a crowded plane
  2. Standing up immediately before the seat belt sign goes off in an attempt to get off the plane quicker and finding 100 people doing the same thing. Note – A computer simulation shows that the plane will empty quicker if people stood up and disembarked in ascending seat order.
  3. Standing behind a flight attendant working a cart hoping that it will miraculously disappear, so they can get by
  4. Put their carry on baggage up front so they don’t have to carry it back, so those up front have to carry their’s to the back
  5. Complain if you move their bag in the overhead locker — “check-it! if you don’t want it touched by other passengers”
  6. Yell at the flight attendants and other personnel about weather delays! Yep it’s their fault.
  7. Farting
  8. Repeatedly talk to you while you’re working, reading a great novel, or using a personal electronic device
  9. Pretending that they’re world travelers and experts about air travel
  10. Cutting lines at check in like they have some divine right…. that’s not what it looks like to us standing in line

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