Today In Aviation History: April 14th –

Today In Aviation History: April 14th

These are the top events in aviation history for April 14th:

Tuesday, April 14, 1925
Ford Air Transport Service operated the first regular U.S. air-freight service initiated by Henry Ford, linking Detroit, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois

Sunday, April 14, 1929
Ed Link introduced a ground-based flight trainer. During World War II, half a million pilots received flight training in Link trainers.

April 14th, 1932
Star Air Service was incorporated (>Alaska Airlines)

Wednesday, April 14, 1948
British Eagle was formed as Eagle Aviation at Aldermaston

Thursday, April 14, 1955
Air Charter (formed in 1947) inaugurated its first vehicle ferry service between Southend and Calais using a Bristol 170 Mark 32 Super Freighter

Wednesday, April 14, 1971
BOAC operated its first commercial B.747 flight, flying from London to New York

Friday, April 14, 1972
Lockheed L-1011 was certified

Tuesday, April 14, 1992
Onur Air (Onur Havayollari Tasimacilik A.S.) was established

Tuesday, April 14, 1992
Nort Jet, founded in Feb1989 by mostly Basque entrepreneurs, ceased operations

Wednesday, April 14, 2004
ValuAir obtained air operator’s certificate (>>Jetstar Asia Airways)

Monday, April 14, 2008
Delta and Northwest Airlines announced that they would merge to create the world’s largest airline under the Delta name

April 14th, 2008
PAL Express was unveiled

Saturday, April 14, 2012
Syphax Airlines restarted operations, with scheduled services beginning on April 29th, 2012

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