Miami Air International Ceases Operations –

Miami Air International Ceases Operations

Florida based charter airline Miami Air International filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy reorganization in March 2020 with the hopes of continuing to ride out the storm created by the massive and unprecedented downturn in the global travel industry.  However, due to the airlines inability to secure additional financing or another company to acquire them, Miami Air was forced to cease and close operations in May of 2020.

Miami Air has a top notch reputation in the airline charter industry.  The airline has performed countless military charters, college sport charters, professional sport charters, repatriation flights, vacation charters, and more over these past 29 years.  Miami Air was in good shape from an operational standpoint prior to the collapse of the travel industry in early 2020.

Once the United States began to shutter businesses, schools, churches, and people were ordered to remain home, the charter business came to a standstill.  There were no more professional sports teams to shuttle to games, no more college athletes to fly to big matches, no more families looking to travel for fun and sun on vacation.

A number of the aircraft in the Miami Air fleet were leased, and without paying charters to foot the bill, the small airline became quickly overwhelmed and sadly could not weather the storm.

Miami Air International C.E.O. Kurt Kamrad penned a letter to employees notifying them of the closure and to gather their belongings from the building.

We wish the best of luck to all former employees of Miami Air International and hope they can find gainful employment soon.  It will be sad not seeing their unique charter flights jetting around the world anymore.

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