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Flight Review: Lufthansa – Frankfurt (FRA) to Riga (RIX)

I recently flew on Lufthansa from Frankfurt, Germany to Riga, Latvia on board an Airbus A319-100 aircraft.  I arrived at the gate in a tired and beaten state, as I had been in-transit for over 11 hours at this point.  I was quite impressed to find that Lufthansa offers free coffee and newspapers for their passengers.  Quite a nice touch when other airlines are cutting back on such amenities.

Once our flight began boarding, we were whisked away down their stairs and to an awaiting bus on the tarmac.  We were then transported across the airport to a remote parking space with other Airbus A319 aircraft, along with Boeing 737′s.  Boarding took place between the front and rear exits of the aircraft.  Since I was in the second to last row, it made sense to exit from the rear.

The flight was packed, but luckily had the seat next to me empty for the duration.  Once in flight, we were provided with drinks and a sandwich.  At first, I was upset at seeing the rye bread (I hate rye bread), however, I realized there was another one on the bottom that was White bread.  That was a pretty cool concept!  After looking around, i came to realize that many passengers only ate one type (either white or rye).  It was pretty good too, with a few peppers thrown on top.

The flight was uneventful and we arrived in Riga on time.  The airport at Riga is very small, and since Latvia is a Schengen Airport,  I did not need to go through Passport Control, Immigration, or Customs.  Once off the aircraft, I followed the signs to the “Exit” and found my way to the nearest cab stand.  However, before catching a cab to downtown Riga, I met up with the prettiest girl in Russia outside the airport.  The purpose of this trip was to meet a friend of mine that I have known for four years now.

Thanks again to Lufthansa for a wonderful flight experience!

Details about flight:

Airline:  Lufthansa

Departure City:  Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)

Arrival City:  Riga, Latvia (RIX)

Aircraft:  Airbus A319-100

Meal:  Sandwich / Drinks

On time departure/arrival:  Yes/Yes

Overall Rating (1-5):  4

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